Saturday, February 15, 2014


Had a lil fun today..added this lil Buddha to a Thailand them sleeve

Friday, February 14, 2014

The recent

Still have so much to learn if i want to become better..Thank You to the clients who have allowed me to gain progress; while at the same time being given such a huge honor of having my art forever etched into their body and soul.

Move forward

Ive moved from Santa Ana to East Los Angeles.  I still endure the commute from San Diego to home which is now just baseball team further.   I hope you will enjoy my recent progress in tattooing. I feel like ive reached a new plateau which is still a speed bump compared to the mountainous masters out many....
Im having a kid too...gonna have a baby married....loving my job....and most of all my ultra supportive wife..mwah beb

Sunday, November 24, 2013

This is where its at

Sorry for the delay.   Ive had a hard time deciding whats going to be the next post for months now..truth is i came to a point where i was really unhappy with the quality of my work.  A tattoo artist can grow only as fast as they get the nutrition for the skills right.... part of nutrition is knowing how to fill in defeciencies.

    right now my better half is sitting at home with a bun in the oven...(yes im going to be a daddy)....she feels tired as her body is pushed and adjusts to nourishing two bodies.........i too must nurture the growth of more styles requiring new tools 
and execute at a careful level of attention surpassed each time by the next . .as i have often felt just starting to get it...(again)