Monday, November 21, 2011

staying busy...saving up

i recently went back to work for a buddy of mine as a caregiver.. i worked this job for 2 years back in 2004 and it helped me have a better out look on life throughout the ordeals that followed shortly after with my father having a stroke.. Kevin is parylized from the chest down with barely any mobility in his arms..despite the tons of challenges such an obvious disability would present to anyone facing such a road block, he finihsed his doctorate and passed the California BAR exam. he will be sworn in as a lawyer on Dec 1 2011. nuthing holds him back....this guy even says he wants me to help him try snorkeling andso we threw him in the jaccuzzi to start training day scarface style...

heres a look at my second attempt at spraypaint..

and some tattoos.. recently hopped up the machine with a faster motor.. gettin good results..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

no skype credit left

call me buddy..

n heres a glimpse at the most recent progresion..

i just got a call from an old friend over seas..

glad to hear he's ok with all the earthquake stuff going on so close to his area...

sorry our conversation got cut short buddy.. i ran out of skype credit..たりなかた ね。

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

real progress is humble

i used to complain about doing tribal and lettering tattoos... now i feel blessed to be able to hone my skills in skin and ink no matter what it is...only till now am i able to adjust to mechanical failures and regroup accordingly...without dropping a bead of sweat.... only till now, with a my head bowed humble into the night for every line i lay, trying to make it cleaner than the i feel like im actually getting better at this artform

Monday, September 26, 2011

the saga continues

started this portrait of mark daughter onhim.. lots more to go..

and coming oalong nicely on evelyns thigh piece..

bug hunting season approaches

this bob marley piece healed up nicely

mt kushmore

mark showed me how to get scallops.. its a dangerous deed.. i didnt get any.. but he took a full bounty....i got a sea urchin spine lodged under my finger nail which made me think twice about the sport.... i gotta tattooo!

further learning

away for a bit

recently chewy n i took a trip thru the sort things out...

sure missed the ocean..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

drop in

another medium i just picked tattoos i fought hard to make sure i had a firm foundation artistically before taking it on....

....and when you start its ruff.. almost like skateboarding.. you take fall after fall when you start.. then less as you progress.. after a while.. you learn what your capable of and working along those guidelines.. you come to know which directions to push forward in.

however none of this can take place without first knowing where to step...or even having the courage to just drop the f in..

out here people with little money get tattoos from people with little experience.. the 2 grow hand in hand side by side.. so long as both can endure the pain and learn from mistakes along the way... give 2 get some