Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

happy halloween....

welcome back... recently i inked my first session as a guest artist at a legit street shop. Golgatha Ink.. still in their first year...  Artist Tony over there challenged me to do a freehand to see what i had. I might be working here a few days out the week.

coincidentally Golgatha means haunted btw n the shop turns out to have some creepy clearly strange happenings going down..... (THERE IS A REAL GHOST IN THIS SHOP)... check out the videos...
a fun stencil ready for ink... just waiting on the client.. if he doesn't show im willing to hook up anyone named Mike..... (depicted is michael the Archangel)

new hobby... making rotary machines.. using erector set parts n a chinese motor... this one worked remarkably well before i dismantled it to a bad case of couldnt leave well enough alone.. the geometry was a bit clunky though so goin back to the drawing board with this... however i grasped the fundamentals of an adjustable give system... vital to making smooth black and grey
pretty trick....and when done right, such a treat

happy halloween gouls and boos.!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

with butter..

put in a good session on this marcos piece... new machine back to an old ink system that always yielded good results... altogether equates to a piece i was very excited about upon completion. pondering adding white highlights for added umph.
behold the og3 -1 shader.  made from a stealth and hacked chinese dragonfly copy rotary parts.  the vertical rubberband smooths out the vibrations.. works suprisingly very smooth.  i know storm rotary makes a model like this but factory streamlined.STORM a-250 ADJUSTABLE ROTARY TATTOO MACHINE REVIEW ... im gonna buy it n give it a try.

and finally the more fun loving side of OG3...
caught 8 so far only these 2 were kept due to size limits.

global warming is at least making night dives at the beach more toasty warm.  better grabs...

holdfast my friends... more to come

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

new weapon

Recently tried out some 9 round shaders. Love em. can beat shit up pretty good with em though .. careful
Thi's arm is developing into a nice collage

cant wait for it to all tie together.