Thursday, February 24, 2011

fight your depression

click above "fight your depression" to learn about how low seratonin levels may effect your daily life.

Sativa weed makes your brain produce seratonin. go a week without and start to feel slow? now you know why.

I have been super depressed lately. I suspected i just needed to smoke and haven't really been able to get my fix. Leaving me with an immovable artist block. i can still draw but it ain't flowing......

looking back at the times i did havewhat i needed it, i could create an idea and put it down....

This really makes me feel like i am failing to take advantage of growing it.

without money i am left to be a dull pencil...

sometimes you find floor weed though...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chewy's getting big. If he jumps up on your lap you'll notice he stretches across both thighs... and hangs off a little... long like a Cadillac...

peep the sweet view from Toms stuntz crib in Hollywood. Crazy ol building is an old hotel converted to an apt complex. sweet living though. You can jump out on the fire escape and smoke while watching the smoggy pink sunset off the skyline on the street with the same name.

this is a piece for Joe Dub. Symphony Skate.. he crazy. only rides tech street stuff..

while kayaking back from the Classified Catalina dive will see the guardians of the buoys asleep at there posts.. they are easily disturbed but move slow enough for you to get close enough and snap..

ever have a garlic lobster sandwich?