Friday, September 28, 2012

Final addition for Thi's arm sleeve..bicep area

this will be yet again another great challenge....can't wait... "when the shit goes doooooown..... ya betta b ready!"-Cypress Hill

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

money frogs

two homies came in coincidentally getting moneyfrogs... each was customized to fit their personalities...
Thi added onto his forearm..his has waves which hold importance in symbolizing his mothers love and life.. a tsunami scale wall engulfing a worry free unsuspecting moneyfrog just out for his hustle...hes already got a good bite on how to get it.
Ky's frog is a bit more g'd up and less playfull ..cuz Ky dont take kindly to those who play with his money.  His emerges from the water yet is surrounded by it symbolizing that he has escaped drowning and emerged from the waters of the neighborhoods temptations and no goodness.

Both are not finished because both are busy hopping around like frogs out to get coinage in there mouth.